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Helping accountants deliver more for their clients

We help you to deliver cost advisory services to your clients. By analysing your client’s costs, we find areas in which they are overpaying and then work with you to save them money.

Demonstrate your value

Reducer allows you to help your clients save time and money. We analyse accounting data to find out where each of your clients can reduce their business costs. If they decide to switch suppliers, we work with them directly to complete the process.



Link your clients' cloud accounting platforms with Reducer and we will analyse their bills.


Get savings reports

We get quotes from hundreds of suppliers for the services your clients buy and deliver you a customised savings report for every client.

share and save

Share and save

We put you in control of when to share the reports with your clients. If they want to switch any services, we help them directly.

Increase client satisfaction

Signing up for Reducer and connecting your clients takes just minutes to complete. It can take us a few days to complete the savings reports, depending on how long our suppliers require to generate quotes. We upload the reports to your account and make it simple to share the good news with your clients. If your clients decide to switch any services, we work with them directly to complete the process. Here is an example savings report to get an idea of what to expect.

The data we require to generate quotes depends on the service, but we typically require copies of bills to be attached to invoices in accounting platforms. We work best with businesses who have good bookkeeping practices.

Partnerships that work

We know that you need partners you can trust to support your clients. That's why we set out three principles for how we work with accountants.


Protecting data is at the heart of what we do. We are fully GDPR compliant and invest heavily in our system security to ensure the data we hold is always safe.


We know the relationship you have with your client comes first, which is why we work together with accountants every step of the way. We provide tools for you to view and manage your client data all in one place.


We only share anonymised data with suppliers for the purpose of quoting. We never share your client's contact details with third parties or suppliers for marketing purposes.

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We get quotes from hundreds of suppliers